Accounts and Budgets

Documents relating to the 2019-2020 approved budget are listed here. Click on the links below to open the documents.

*Note: These are the original approved documents.

Appropriations Resolution

Property Tax Levy Resolution

Non-profit Organization Appropriation Resolution

Statement of Proposed Operations by Fund

General Fund 101

Courthouse Jail Maintenance Fund 112

Law Library Fund 114

Public Libraries Fund 115

Solid Waste Sanitation Fund 116

Industrial Economic Development Fund 119

Drug Control Fund 122

Other Special Revenue (Federal Drug Control) Fund 128

Highway Public Works Fund 131

General Purpose School Fund 141

School Federal Projects Fund 142

Central Cafeteria Fund 143

General Debt Service Fund 151

Education Debt Service Fund 156

Loudon County Schedule Of Outstanding Debt

General Capital Projects Fund 171

Highway Capital Projects Fund 176

Education Capital Projects Fund 177

Lenoir City Career Center Joint Venture Fund 357