2021 Loudon County Reapportionment Committee

What is "redistricting"?
Redistricting (also referred to as "reapportionment") refers to the changing of boundaries for political units--as far as Loudon County is concerned these boundaries make up the size and shape of our county's commission districts.

The purpose of redistricting is to ensure that the people of the county have equal representation in government (at all levels--local, state and federal). Loudon County is divided into districts currently with either one or two commissioners representing each district depending on the population. Ideally the districts are set up in such a way that each county commissioner represents an equal number of people. As populations shift within the county over time, it is necessary to occasionally change the sizes and shapes of the districts to reflect these population shifts. The State of Tennessee requires redistricting to be performed every ten years in conjunction with the release of the most recent results of the United States census (when the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding populations within the county becomes available).

Redistricting Committee
The purpose of the Redistricting Committee is to create a plan for changing the districts of Loudon County to reflect the population shifts within the county over the past ten years. Once the committee has completed a final district plan, it must be adopted by resolution of the County Commission.

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Chair: Henry Cullen

Vice Chair: David Meers

Secretary: Susan Harrison