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Accounts and Budgets
Vendor payments, payroll, and receipting for the County, Highway, and Board of Education

Animal Shelter
Enforces state regulations, provides care for animals, and reduces the number of unwanted animals in the county

Clerk and Master
Oversees filing of civil actions and handling of delinquent property taxes

Convenience Centers
Loudon County has three recycling and convenience centers, located in Greenback, Lenoir City, and Loudon.

County Clerk
Handles vehicle registration and licensing, collects certain taxes, maintains county records, and other duties

County Mayor
Works with commission to develop budget, makes committee and board appointments, and performs other duties for the county

Election Commission
Responsible for voter registration, conducting elections and maintaining voter rolls

Emergency Management Agency
Supports, coordinates, facilitates and enables all Emergency Service Providers in Loudon County

Facilities Maintenance
Maintains all County Government and Board of Education buildings and grounds

Health Department
The Loudon County Health Department provides a variety of health and wellness services.

Highway Department
Handles construction and maintenance of county roads

Human Resources
Administration and information regarding all aspects of county employee benefits and personnel

IT Support
Maintains county government computers and information systems

Juvenile Center
Offers services in detention, probation, counseling and other services for juveniles

Loudon County public libraries are available in Greenback, Lenoir City, Loudon, Philadelphia, and Tellico Village.

Planning and Codes Enforcement
New department combining duties of former Building Commission and Office of Planning

Property Assessor
Discovers, lists, classifies, and values all property within the county for tax purposes

Purchases all supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services for county government

Register of Deeds
Records deeds, contracts, plats and other types of documents as required by law

Senior Center / Office on Aging
Promotes healthy physical and mental well-being of Loudon County's older population

Investigates criminal conduct, arrests criminals, executes civil and criminal court-ordered process, and performs other duties

Collects county property taxes and oversees annual cash flow of all county finances

Veterans Service Office
Assists veterans in applying for benefits