Elected Officials

The Loudon County elected officials are shown here. For information on the County Commissioners, click here.

Buddy Bradshaw, County Mayor
Works with commission to develop budget, makes committee and board appointments, and performs other duties for the county

Michael Campbell, Property Assessor
Discovers, lists, classifies and values all property within the county for tax purposes

Rex Dale, General Sessions Judge

Jimmy Davis, Sheriff
Investigates criminal conduct, arrests criminals, executes civil and criminal court-ordered process, and performs other duties

Tammy Gallaher, Register of Deeds
Records deeds, contracts, plats and other types of documents as required by law

Steve Harrelson, Circuit, Criminal, Sessions, Juvenile, and Probate Court Clerk
Manages Circuit, Criminal, General Sessions, Juvenile, and Probate courts - this includes traffic citation and jury coordination

Chip Miller, Trustee
Collects county property taxes and oversees annual cash flow of all county finances

Billy Pickel, Highway Superintendent
Handles construction and maintenance of county roads

Henry Sledge, General Sessions Judge, Division II

Riley Wampler, County Clerk
Handles vehicle registration and licensing, collects certain taxes, maintains county records, and other duties